25000 Challenge

There are two very important reasons for publicly issuing this very unusual challenge.

  1. To identify and offer documented and undisputable proof of which product is clearly the best V-Twin Cooling System that your money can buy. At any price.
  2. The second and most important reason is to try to raise money for struggling charities. The winner of the challenge will determine their chosen charity(s)

Hammerhead Engineering will divide the $25,000 equally between the three charities that we are active in promoting, publicizing, and raising money for.

Wounded Warrior Project – http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org

Down Rider Foundation – http://www.downrider.org/eligibility.shtml

St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital – http://www.stjude.org

Yes, we are that confident that Love Jugs will smash the competition, we will literally blow them away!

Now Back To The Challenge.

As we all know, there is quite a variety of Harley Engine Cooling systems on the market. Almost all of them are claiming that their product is the best, however, they all can’t be the best,. that is simply not possible. There can only be one Harley Engine Cooling System that can lay claim to being the best V-Twin Cooling System in the world.

We welcome and actually encourage you to compare all of the available Harley Engine Cooling Systems. To make your research very easy for you, we have put them all in front of you, just a click away. Here are the competing products. ( In no particular order )

Product / Cost Description Website
Big Sky Fans $169 Three small, Low Velocity CFM fans. (Cubic Feet per Minute) Not nearly enough forced volume of air to be very effective. Horn has to be removed, re-installed, and then re-wired, to a different location on the bike. http://bigskyfan.tripod.com
Lenale Fan $229 Consists of One fan, (very noisy) with most of the airflow severely blocked by all the mounting brackets. Not positioned properly to direct airflow where it’s needed the most. Consists of one fan, simply glued into a standard Harley Gull wing horn cover. Harley Part # 69167-02A. Horn has to be removed, re-installed, and then re-wired, to a different location on the bike. No Web Site Found
CDA Fans $179 An exact Copy Cat of the Lenale fan, with the same problems. No Web Site Found
Cox Engine Fan
$225 - $258
Two very low velocity CFM fans. Not nearly enough airflow to do much good. Not positioned correctly to direct airflow to the problem area of the engine. Horn has to be removed, re-installed, and then re-wired, in a different location on the bike. No Web Site Found
Jims Force Flow Cylinder Head Fan Kit
Black $415
Chrome $465
Consists of One fan, and a smaller horn than the original Harley horn, that is included in the kit. Not positioned correctly to direct airflow to the problem area. Positioned very low and in the center of the jugs. The mounting location of this unit, is not where the Extreme Engine Heat is being generated. http://www.jimsusa.com
Harley-Davidson Fan Kit for Touring Models Chrome Fan Kit $449.95 Part Number 91196-08 Consists of One fan including heavy mounting brackets, Horn has to be removed, re-installed, and then re-wired, to a different location on the bike. This product has been available for Harley Touring Bikes for many years. This cooling system actually pulls hot air from your engine and blows it right back onto the engine. See video. http://www.harley-davidson.com/store/fan-kit
Part Number 91196-08
Wards Parts Werks
Black $275
Chrome $335

Consists of two small fans. They are very small, so small in fact, that their own web site description describes them as the “Miniature” model and the “Micro“ model. The extreme heat produced by a typical Harley engine, demands a cooling system that is able to pump huge amounts of forced air at high velocity, directly at the problem area. To expect a “Miniature” or “Micro” fan system to successfully tackle that oh so difficult cooling task is simply not possible.

If your house was on fire, would you want a low volume “Miniature” or a “Micro” hose, or would you choose a powerful high volume fire hose? The laws of Physics can never be altered to prove untrue advertising claims.

Original Slots & Bullets are $349 and the COOL-MASTER is $399.
(Limited time offer)
Love Jugs are perfectly engineered for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. All Stainless Steel construction. Aircraft Quality. Consists of two very powerful ball bearing fans, positioned perfectly to blast large volumes of air, directly at the heat producing area of your engine. The horn does not get moved. The Harley horn and horn cover, remains in the original location of your bike. Love Jugs are positioned perfectly to get maximum results. Materials, components, and workmanship, are at the highest level of quality. Built for a lifetime of use. http://www.love-jugs.com

Here are the rules of the challenge

  1. A mutually approved certified testing laboratory will be selected for the testing of any or all Cooling Systems available for sale, that agree to accept the “Love Jugs” challenge. The chosen laboratory’s task will be straight forward. Determine, based from all the collected data assembled from the multiple tests performed, which Cooling System was determined to be the winner at the task of cooling down the Harley Engines.
  2. Costs of the testing laboratory’s services and the required rental of various Harley-Davidson motorcycles, as well as other costs, will be divided equally between Hammerhead Engineering, and the company(s) willing to accept this challenge. All competing cooling systems available for sale, are listed above and are all invited to participate in this challenge.
  3. The participating company(s) will each place $25,000 into an escrow account. The winner of the challenge will be based upon the results and written report of the independent testing laboratory.

For all the pretenders out there falsely claiming to have the best V-Twin Cooling System, here is the perfect opportunity to put your money where your mouth is.
As the saying goes, It’s time to put up or shut up!