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Here you will find information proving what a fantastic product LOVE JUGS is, and how dramatically a LOVE JUGS Cooling System will improve your bike’s engine heat issues, reduce oil temperatures, and improve engine performance due to the fact that the hotter your engine, the less power it will produce. The days of rear cylinder shut down, pinging, and sluggish performance are over the moment your bike is LOVE JUGS equipped. You as well as your passenger’s riding comfort is a lot more pleasant, even on hot summer days. Everything you will read here are verifiable and proven facts, presented to you, so you can be better informed about the LOVE JUGS Cooling System, and what they will do for you and your Harley-Davidson®. No other cooling system in the world can claim to be better than LOVE JUGS, because they are not, in fact, no other cooling system is even close to the engine cooling results that the “Patented” LOVE JUGS are proven to deliver. 

BEAUTY IS IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER – BEHOLD THE BEAUTY OF LOVE JUGS Obviously, how an accessory looks is an important component in the decision making process for purchasing your air cooling system. Surely, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and esthetic judgement is up to each individual.

The best judge is your own eye. Above is a photo from one of our discerning customers. LOVE JUGS looks pretty good to them and their mates who admire their well appointed LOVE JUGS equipped machines. See more photos by clicking here , I think you’ll be impressed.

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The answer can be summed up in one word – PERFORMANCE! In this article you will see why the performance gap between LOVE JUGS and any other air cooling system is so wide as to be unbridgeable. If you doubt what I say, read on to see why I can make this unequivocal statement with complete confidence.
2Question - PERFORMANCE?
LOVE JUGS are by far the most powerful and effective cooling system available. There are some that say that LOVE JUGS’ superior power is overkill, nothing could be further from the truth. Don’t believe me, here is what the Buell engineers quote in their US Patent application for a forced air cooling system. “The higher the volume of air flowing over an air cooled motorcycle engine, the more effective the cooling fins are at transferring heat from the engine to the air.”

The bottom line is that the more forced air that you can direct at the heat source, the more dramatic the cooling results will be. More powerful streams of air will always cool substantially better than a lesser volume of air. Although this fact is inarguable, some proponents of competing systems will allege that a greater amount of forced air doesn’t really matter. The truth is that nothing matters more. The greater the volume of forced air – the greater the cooling results will be. THIS IS AN INDISPUTABLE SCIENTIFIC FACT!

Impossible to Overheat with LOVE JUGS
To their credit, there are a few products on the market that have the ability to stop the EITMS (Rear cylinder shut down) from kicking in. That is not such a difficult job to achieve. A couple of the well known systems such as Lenale, Big Sky fans, Wards, Cox, and Jim’s are capable to achieve that basic level. No, we are not worried about naming our major competitors, the more you investigate V-Twin Cooling Systems, the more obvious your choice will be if you are searching for the absolute-stand alone superior system that you can buy for maximum engine cooling. Our engineers were not satisfied to simply reach for the minimum, we designed LOVE JUGS to far exceed that low benchmark. As you will see as you read further, we enjoy a huge advantage in the CFM’s and high velocity air flow produced, compared to all the other available systems. That fact alone verifies Love Jug’s superior cooling ability – but far more powerful air flow is only the beginning of knowing what LOVE JUGS will do for you.

Let’s take a look at the facts: LOVE JUGS have been designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality throughout. For example, LOVE JUGS are made of the best quality materials with no skimping anywhere. Our designers have an eye for beauty and our engineers understand physics – and they both know your Harley-Davidson®. Here’s what we offer you:

3Question - POWER?
LOVE JUGS manufactures the most powerful, and by far the most effective, high performance, waterproof fans available. We do not use “Off the shelf” fans that all our competitors use. At 252 CMFs, our fans put out over twice the air as the nearest “competitor”. Don’t be fooled by the comments of overkill, your hot beast needs every bit of the velocity that we provide. But it’s not only how much air, but where that air flow is directed.

Our engineers have meticulously located the unit to sit at precisely the optimum placement to concentrate theLOVE JUGS powerful air streams, at the hottest area of your engine’s cylinders. Only a two fan system can properly direct the air to the critical heat producing areas; and only LOVE JUGS has the power to do so very effectively.
LOVE JUGS are designed and manufactured to be the highest quality in every regard. The body is all Aircraft quality Stainless Steel construction polished to a high chrome finish. Compare this material to others who’s body construction is either aluminum or mild steel. Although it’s more expensive, we exclusively use stainless steel because, unlike the other painted or chromed metals, it will never blister, chip or rust.

LOVE JUGS Ten years from now LOVE JUGS will still look brand new. Another important fact that sets our product apart from the field is that no welding is used in our manufacturing process. This is especially important considering the extreme vibrating environment generated by a Harley-Davidson® engine. Weld free manufacture prevents material fatigue, as well as the the failure factor common in welded parts. These perils are not an issue for LOVE JUGS.

FANS: This is arguably the most important single element in all the systems. Let the facts speak for themselves. First of all LOVE JUGS fans are twice as powerful than their nearest competitor. In addition, they are 100% waterproof. You can see them blowing away the competition as well as actually running underwater on our website, We were shocked to discover that some other manufacturers actually have been employing less expensive indoor rated fans which will short out when exposed to water.

For over two years our engineers aspired to master the art of cooling your hot beast. Using thermodynamic photography, along with in-shop and on-the-road testing, our engineers determined just how much power and what precise placement a cooling system needs to have in order to make your engine think it’s being cooled by an equivalent amount of air when standing still as it would tooling down the highway.

Thermal Love Jugs
You cannot purchase or duplicate an axial fan with the strength in construction, huge CFM’s, and truly amazing high velocity air stream, that the custom manufactured LOVE JUGS fans produce. We have invested a lot of time and tons of money to manufacture this rugged and super powerful fan. LOVE JUGS fans are not “Off the shelf” variety that every one of our competitors use. Our dedication to produce the best product in the world, has been rewarded with a proprietary design that is 300% stronger in fan construction, and up to 400% more powerful than the “Off the shelf” small, weak, and inexpensive indoor fans used by several of our competitors.

At Harley-Davidson® rallies and events all over the US, we have a working display of our complete line of LOVE JUGS, The typical reaction from everybody that puts their hand in the air stream is “WOW” That is really powerful! You really have to experience the power yourself to believe it.
The answer can be summed up in two words – QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE! In this article you will see why the performance gap between LOVE JUGS and any other air cooling system is so wide as to be unbridgeable. If you doubt what we say, read on to see why we can make this unequivocal statement with complete confidence.

QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE! In this article you will see why the performance gap between LOVE JUGS and any other air cooling system is so wide as to be unbridgeable. If you doubt what we say, read on to see why we can make this unequivocal statement with complete confidence.

PERFORMANCE LOVE JUGS are by far the most powerful and effective cooling system available. Our competition say’s that LOVE JUGS' superior power is overkill, nothing could be further from the truth. Of course they have to make up a ridiculously false statement like that. What else can they say? They can’t even come close to matching Love Jugs’ power and effectiveness. Here is what the Buell engineers quote in their US Patent application for a forced air cooling system. “The higher the volume of air flowing over an air cooled motorcycle engine, the more effective the cooling fins are at transferring heat from the engine to the air.”

WATERPROOFING: LOVE JUGS' IP 68 fans have always been 100% waterproof from our first prototype on. They will actually run while submerged underwater as can be seen on our website. Believe it or not, some competing systems use indoor rated fans which will short out when exposed to water – even during a washing.

OIL TEMPERATURE: Oil temperature is another vitally important issue that LOVE JUGS solves. Even a fan assisted oil cooler cannot equal the cooler oil temps. of a LOVE JUGS equipped air cooled V-twin engine. It has been proven and well known that a LOVE JUGS cooling system will lower oil temperatures, which dramatically increases oil pressure especially at idle, due to the cooler operating engine temperatures of LOVE JUGS equipped bikes. Increased oil viscosity due to cooler oil is critical for the longevity of your engine. The kudos keep pouring in from our customers. Here are three examples of independent field testing run by our customers, and repeated with similar effects by many others:

“I have seen a rise in my oil pressure on my bike since my cool master install and I use Lucas synthetic oil, This is great news for those of us who are passionate about our engine’s performance and the comfort we have by knowing that our oil breakdown is not as much of an issue as it once was. Most Harley-Davidson® owners change their oil every 5K miles, new bikes get a 1K oil change once broken in, I myself am anal about changing my engine oil every 3,500K miles as I think the breakdown in oils differ from one to another and I do not want to follow what a manufacture suggested oil change recommends since the manufacture doesn’t always consider how the engine is being used or abused once that motorcycle leaves the dealers showroom. I also have seen a temp drop 112 degrees on my bike.” Rick C – Kentucky

“Steve have you done an idle test on a newer Harley-Davidson®? The reason I am asking is that my bike used to idle at 6 to 8 lbs. oil pressure at now it idles at 16 to 18. That is something you should shout about. This is done with Amsoil full syn. 20-50 – Thomas R. – Port Saint. Lucie, FL

“I finally got to test my love-jugs today in the 90s here in Chicago I took off after work at 2:30 it was 89 degrees I rode till 4:00 in traffic. I Got home it was over 90 degrees outside. I let the bike idle an additional 5 min. In the heat. I checked my oil pressure at idle it was between 12-14 psi. Now after a ride like this my oil pressure would normally be at zero or just above. In fact I don’t think I have ever seen my oil pressure this high at idle. Yeee Haaa !!! My bike is now as cool as the guy riding it. Maybe I can use it for it’s intended purpose now, doing estimates after work. Before it was just to hot between the heat on my legs and that oil pressure gage haunting me it just wasn’t worth it. Oh also my rear cylinder never kicked off. Great job. I knew after talking with you on the phone and sensing how proud you were of your fans I would be as proud to put them on my bike – thanks!” – George S. Chicago, IL

Here is the actual reading:


INNOVATION: LOVE JUGS was the very first dual fan system on the market. It’s PATENTED design was developed over a multi-year year process of perfecting every detail of its performance, construction, and fabrication. This process was done by engineers who understand the physics as well as the machine. Others have tried to imitate LOVE JUGS but they consistently fail. The specs speak for themselves. You can fool some of the people, some of the time, but you can’t fool the laws of physics.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Our customer service department’s stated goal is “to match the quality of the product with the quality of our service”. We provide full product support, maintain an open line of communications, and above all, we aim to make our customer happy.


GUARANTEE: We are so confident that LOVE JUGS is exactly what we say, and more, that if you are not delighted you can return your purchase in 30 days for any reason whatsoever. We’ll even pay the return postage.

WARRANTY: LOVE JUGS are rated for a minimum of 20,000 hours of life. We provide you with a full year 100% warranty on electrical components and three (3) year warrantee on all other parts.

PRICE: Prices of competing air cooled systems run in a range between $225 and $600. LOVE JUGS is priced competitively at $349.00 to $399.00 including free priority delivery. A careful comparison with other products makes LOVE JUGS clearly the best buy for your money when you want a product that actually will cool your hot Harley-Davidson® better than any competing system, and at a very reasonable price.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORY: Our “Patent Pending Frame Mount Kit” removes the entire LOVE JUGS and Harley-Davidson® horn cluster from the violently shaking engine and attaches it to the frame of the bike, thus eliminating 90+% of the vibrations compared to the direct engine mount vis the Harley-Davidson® horn mount bracket that is bolted to the heads of the engine. This much desired option is available for $79. This kit is highly recommended for the Harley-Davidson's® that will accept it.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORY: Vibration Master: Our Vibration Master Provides: A rock-solid mount for your cooling system and horn. A lessening of vibration on your horn and LOVE JUGS. Insures spot-on positioning for perfect maximum results. This much desired option is available for $79.

STYLE: Check out the popular Slots and Bullets designs and choose your favorite. Don’t forget to look at our newest model “The Cool Master”. The Cool Master quickly became our biggest seller because of it’s smaller size and increased power.

INSTALLATION: Installing LOVE JUGS is simple enough for most do -it-yourself owners and is typically accomplished in 15-20 minutes without the Frame Mount Kit and about 45 minutes for those opting for the Kit. For those mechanically challenged, any Harley dealer or repair shop can do the job. Complete installation instructions are provided. Click here.

COMPETITION: If you’ve read this far you understand why we can confidently state straight up, that LOVE JUGS is the most powerful and effective Harley-Davidson® engine cooling product available – and we guarantee it! The copy cats and the single fan units are not in this elite class of cooling your hot V-Twin Engine.

The discerning reader can cut through the BS. If you want superior components, and superior cooling, why wait, order your LOVE JUGS now by clicking here.

Once you see LOVE JUGS in operation on the web site; once you open your parcel upon arrival; once you experience the quality of your new ride; you’ll know why we are shipping to satisfied customers all over the world. Quality and performance cannot be faked, physics cannot be denied.

BOTTOM LINE: LOVE JUGS is the most powerful and effective Harley-Davidson® Cooling system in the world. That’s why we proudly say, HOT HARLEY – PROBLEM SOLVED!

See the ultimate proof yourself. With a Harley-Davidson® idling on a 90 degree hot summer day; in 5 minutes and 47 seconds LOVE JUGS cools that scorching Harley engine down an amazing 100 degrees. To view this and other videos, click here.
6Question - Is it possible to install Love Jugs on my Victory? They run hot too.
Yes. We now can make a special bracket for adapting the Indian models installation on LOVE JUGS on you hot Victory.

Here are photo enhanced step by step installation instructions. Please keep in mind that the lovejugs you purchased are designed to fit Indian motorcycles and I have adapted them to work on your victory.

Locate and remove the "cheese wedge" on the left side of your motorcycle. This is the inverted triangle with your key ignition switch located in the middle. You do not need any tools to remove this. It is attached solely with friction from the spring clips behind it. Grab it with two hands and pull straight off. This will reveal your ignition mounting bracket and look like this.

Next you will need to unpack your love jugs. Your Love Jugs will come as two separate fan assemblies. One for the front cylinder and another for the rear. You will also have a small bag with the mounting hardware. The hardware kit will consist of 4 spacers, 4 bolts, 4 washers. The 4 spacers are equal length as well as the bolts and can be used in any of the 4 mounting points. Please take note that 1 of the four washers is just slightly smaller that the other three and will be used it the lower position in the front cylinder. The fan that will mount to the front cylinder will have a mounting flange that looks like this. The arrows indicate the holes that will be used for mounting. Remember the Lower mounting point on the front cylinder is where the smaller washer is used.

Before installing the front fan you will need to Remove the ignition wire retainer

Do so by squeezing the tabs while pulling retainer clip

You may want to unplug the spark plug boot from the spark plug and let hang out of your way until final fitments of the front fan unit.

The bracket where the ignition wire was attached will have to be bent inward to make clearance for the LoveJugs mounting flange. This is best accomplished by using a pair of channel lock pliers.

You will need a 5mm hex key to remove these two bolts that attach the ignition bracket to the front cylinder

Now you are ready to mount the front fan unit. You will need 2 bolts, 2 spacers, and two washers. Remember the smaller washer goes on the lower mount here. Slide a large washer over a bolt then insert the the bolt through the slotted hole in the LOVEJUGS and then slide the spacer over the bolt. Do the same for the lower mount using the smaller washer. Hold fan unit in place and start both bolts by hand. NOTE it may be a good idea to apply a small dab of blue loctite to the end of the bolts before final assembly. Mind your wire lead and check for clearance, if all looks well tighten bolts snugly with a 10 mm socket. You can now reinstall your ignition wire. The retainer clip can be placed in the unused hole in the LOVE JUGS mounting flange.

For rear fitments remove those two 5 mm Allen bolts

For the rear fitments you want the fan that has a mounting flange similar to this with the larger keyway shaped hole in the center of the mounting flange.

Yours will not have the grind marks on the edge that are visible in this picture. This picture is from an earlier prototype.

The mounting procedure is the same as for the front with the exception that you do not need to modify the bracket at all. The LOVEJUGS mounting flange should just clear the ignition bracket. The lower mount will bolt through the lower left part of the larger keyhole. It may be a little tricky to align the lower mount up due to the larger hole, however it is very secure once tightened.

Route the wire leads upwards towards the fuel tank and connect them both to the extension lead that was included with your LOVEJUGS. It does not matter which fan plugs to which terminal on the extension. Remove your seat and continue will be a mating plug near the rear section of the seat cavity. Plug your LOVEJUGS in there. If you are already using this plug for your heated seat or other accessories, don't worry. The LOVEJUGS has a piggy back plug on it so you can still utilize your accessories.

NOTE make sure to route wiring away from any hot or moving part and secure with zip ties.

Reinstall your seat and the cheese wedge and enjoy your new LOVEJUGS.
7Question - Does the Harley Horn Mount Bracket have any structural value? I ask because I see on your Frame Mount instructions you say to remove the original horn bracket that attaches to the forward and aft cylinder heads. Doesn’t that original bracket do more than just hold the horn when attached to both cylinder heads?
The horn mount bracket is exactly what it says - a bracket for mounting the horn, and nothing more. It has nothing to do with connecting the heads together. Although the great majority of Harley models have this bracket, many Harley models do not even have this component. Tens of thousands of custom Harleys are not equipt with this bracket as well. They would never leave that bracket on because it would look terrible on their custom builds. Also note that Harley dealers install our FMK every day. Of course there will be those who insist the Harley Horn Mount Bracket is a necessary structural part that that cannot be removed, that is simply not correct.

The FMK is very important to install on your 2008 and newer touring bike. It will reduce the vibration to the Love Jugs as well as the horn assembly by more than 90%. This will help to provide years of trouble free service. If the $79 cost is not an issue, I highly advise that you to include the FMK with your order. You will never regret it.
8Question - I have a Hand Grenade ignition. Is it possible to install Love Jugs with this ignition blocking the normal installation path?
Yes various Harley models have different methods of installation. Here is one for the Love Jugs Mighty-Mite

If your engine looks like this
It’s simple to make it look like this & add the cooling power of LJs

When dealing with the breakout and any other model that utilizes the hand grenade ignition it is possible to use any model Love Jugs. I have adapted a Mighty Mite by using an old horn mounting bracket from a touring model. I cut the the long mounting arms off and only used the portion that the horn dampener threads into. I mounted this to the bottom of the grenade, installed the dampener provided with the Love Jugs and then installed the Mighty Mites upside down. This placed the fans in the correct orientation to the cylinder heads. Here is a picture of my result. Note: The LOVEJUGS bracket was sandwiched between the grenade and its mounting platform.
9Question - Does the installer have to remove the horn bracket to install the FMK? Is the Horn bracket a structural member in any way?
Yes, follow the instructions. Some installers might postulate the the horn mount bracket is necessary for the integrity of the engine. THIS IS UNTRUE. Several Harley models do not even have this bracket, nor do tens of thousands of custom Harleys. Our own 2008 Ultra had its bracket removed immediately at purchase with no deleterious affects over almost 10 years. Note that Harley dealers and others install the FMK per the instructions throughout the world. Once the horn mount bracket is removed the installer will find that the FMK fits perfectly. Once installed it will keep its promise of eliminating 90+% of the vibration on the horn and the Love Jugs.

This is not magic, it’s just a sensible engineering feat. The FMK replaces Horn Mount Bracket which is connected to the severely vibrating cylinder heads and moves the connection to the frame which hardly vibrates at all.
10Question - Do I need a thermostat with my Love Jugs? Why don’t you make one?
We do not recommend the use of a thermostat. The only time you don't need Love Jugs to be activated is when your cruising on the highway, and even then you could have them on with no disadvantage..

Your engine is pumping out a lot of heat every second that it's running. A steady cooler operating temperature is far better than a hot-cool-hot-cool-hot-cool situation that will happen if a thermostat is used.
Think about this.... All Internal combustion engines require cooling at all times, and the only time your Harley engine is being cooled properly is when you are moving fast enough to create the necessary air flow to dissipate some of that heat. Even a cheap lawn mower has fins on the flywheel that helps cool the engine every minute that engine is running. Love Jugs trick your engine into thinking that it's cruising down the road especially during periods of slow movement or even prolonged idling when your engine needs to be cooled down the most.
An artificial intelligence dictating when your engine should be cool is not as smart as it sounds at first glance. Turn your LOVE JUGS on and leave them on and both you and your engine will be a lot happier.
As for a cool down period - why would you need one? Your engine will never overheat with Love Jugs on the job so just park your bike and go inside for a cool one. You won’t even have to remember to go turn it off after you’re comfortable in the house.
For those who don’t agree with our advice, you can hook up your own thermostat easily and inexpensively if you prefer to - it’s fine to go ahead.
11Question - I’ve just installed my LJs. I put the harness plug into the aux plug per your instructions and turned on the ignition. I then switched the LJs on. The lights came on but the fans didn’t. When I fit them directly to the battery with the fuse you provided they worked fine.
You have reverse polarity which happens occasionally at the Harley factory. Infrequently, they wire a plug incorrectly. If you plugged your LJs into practically any other Harley they will work as wired. The fix is easy.

The Harley mechanic simply reversed the red and black wires on their plug. The result is that the positive +red wire is being fed into the negative - side of your battery and visa-versa.

Just switch (reverse) the black and red wires on the LJ plug. It’s easier to get to our plug so make the correction there. The result is that your LJs will now be wired correctly and they will work perfectly.

12Question - I have a front mounted horn. I need an OEM Horn Bracket from Harley in order to mount my LJs on the left side of the engine. Please give me information to order it.
You will find this inexpensive item in the Harley catalog or at your nearby Harley dealer. The part number is 16328-04A. The name is the Bracket, Engine Mount. The list price is $15.49.
13 Question - I want to put Love Jugs on my Low Rider S. FXDLS.

Just replace the top engine bracket with one that has the horn bung (HD 16328-04A) on it? It's that simple.

You'll also need an acorn nut to secure the fans to the dampener/bracket. Ace Hardware sells black chrome hardware so that was an easy choice for the LRS.

it's as simple as that. Just make sure you jack the bike up or at least have it perpendicular to the ground when you remove the top mount as to not throw off alignment. At least that's what I've read, and it worked for me.
14Question - Will the Mighty-Mite install on my FXDL which has the ignition switch in the usual Dyna horn location?
All you need is an OEM H-D horn bracket from Harley and you’re ready to go. No fabrication needed. Order with confidence.
15Question - Can Love Jugs be mounted with an oversized horn?
Love Jugs can be mounted with most original and aftermarket horns. To judge if your fan will mount mount with no alterations, measure the width of your horn cover. Original Slots and Bullets can accommodate a 5-1/2” wide horn, Cool-Masters will fit a 5-3/4” horn, while the Mighty-Mites has 7-1/2” leeway.

If your fan has a larger width there are creative solutions to let you have your loud safty horn as well as LJs cooling power. See below for an example. We will be happy to advise you.

Another popular solution is Harley’s Horn Relocation Kit. The part number is 69015-08. The cost from Harley dealers or catalog is $12.95. Relocating your horn is fast and simple.

16Does Love Jug keep my oil cooler?
In an independent test by AMSOIL, oil temperatures were proven to be over 50˚ cooler with Love Jugs operating.

ORDER HERE: I invite the discerning reader to do your own research. The deeper you dig the better LOVE JUGS will look. If you want superior workmanship and materials that deliver superior cooling, why wait? You can order your LOVE JUGS now, clicking here.



U.S. Patent No. 8812189

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