“American Iron Magazine is proud to endorse Love Jugs, for all H-D and Indian motorcycles.”
Terry O’Brien, COO - TAM Communications, American Iron

What I should definitely tell you is that a set of Love Jugs fans provide extreme cooling power directly to your Harley’s combustion chamber and exhaust valve area .…Love Jugs achieves its massive cooling potential by flowing 504 Cfm of air from a pair of electric fans (252 each) directly to where it’s needed most, whether the engine is sitting at idle or out on the open highway. … (they) are made entirely from aircraft-grade stainless steel. The outdoor-rated electric fans are entirely waterproof. …In addition to a cooler top end, Love Jugs, by default, also keeps a Harley’s oil much cooler as well. Cooler, more viscous oil leads to a longer-lasting engine and less wear and tear. Love Jugs makes some pretty hefty claims about its product, so we decided to do our own test, conducted by editor Chris, …If you’ve been looking for a way to improve the cooling of your Harley-davidson.