Hammerhead Engineering offers discounts to all Police and Government agencies that have Harley-Davidson Motorcycles in their fleet.

Love Jugs will provide your officers the maximum comfort and relief from the brutal heat of their Bikes. With the Love Jugs Cooling System activated, the officer can leave his/her bike running all day long, without the worry of overheating the engine. This is important to keep the battery charging with the additional battery draw from flashing lights, radio’s etc. There is no need to turn their engines off when making a stop, all the bike’s electronics can be left on because the engine is constantly charging the battery as long as it is running.

The comfort level they will experience during a full shift on their bikes will make for a happier and a more productive officer. The heat complaints will disappear quicker than the pages of their citation books. There will be no more complaints even when on severe duty parade assignments.

Submit the from on the right. Once verified, we will email your department a discounted rate.