It all started a few years ago, when I bought a shiny new Ultra Classic.

This bike was fabulous, complete with all the bells and whistles. I really loved it! However, I soon discovered that there was a severe heat issue that made riding down right uncomfortable. This new Ultra, ran much hotter than any of the other Harleys’ that I’ve owned in the past. The heat from the furnace that I was sitting on, started to dictate when I could ride my beloved, but Stifling Hot Ultra. AKA… My Adventure machine. I just didn’t want to deal with all that annoying and uncomfortable heat. I love to ride way too much to have restrictions placed on me about what days I could ride in total comfort.

I actually started to dread going through towns, traffic, traffic lights, rallies etc. And I’m almost always riding in those types of conditions. So, I brought my new Ultra back to the Harley dealer to see what they could do to to help me cool down this heat pumping beast. $750 later, I now had a “Parade Fan” equipped Ultra. The installed Parade Fan was large, heavy, and bulky. Oh well I reasoned, if that’s what I have to live with, to finally be comfortable, so be it. I decided to take the long way home so I could check out my new Parade Fan. Guess what? I didn’t notice much of a difference, the heat was still brutal.

I went back again to the dealer with the same “Brutal Heat” complaint. This time I was told to try a different set of pipes that would re-route the heat. Being a card carrying Engineer, I knew that spending another $1,200 for these new pipes would not do anything to solve my heat problem.

After doing some research, I came across a “Lenale Fan” and promptly ordered it. It looked pretty small to do such a big job, but, at this point, I was willing to try just about anything that would help cool down the furnace between my legs. I couldn’t wait to get it. Now, I can finally ride whenever I want to without all the bulk of the “Parade Fan.” Or so I thought. When I opened the box, I saw that this “cooling system” was actually a stock Harley part. It was simply a “Gull Wing Horn Cover” (Harley Part # 69167-02A) with a fan simply glued into it. After removing the horn on my bike to install the Lenale unit, I just couldn’t believe my eyes! When the Harley mounting brackets were bolted to the single Lenale fan, the back of the fan was almost completely blocked by all the brackets.

Now, you don’t need to have an Engineering Degree to know that you can’t cover the airflow of any fan and expect it to work. I just sat there looking at this product, scratching my head in disbelief and total disappointment. But, at this point I was willing to try anything to cool down my bike. So down the road I went to test out my new “Cooling System” Guess what? As I suspected, this single fan unit did nothing noticeable to cool down my bike.


I found myself becoming obsessed with this unbearable heat problem. It soon became clear to me that if I wanted “A powerful, Dual Fan Cooled Harley Engine” I would have to Design, engineer and manufacture the device myself. Based on my many years of experience in Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing, I knew that the process to invent and manufacture a totally new Harley Engine Cooling System, would take a long time and cost a ton of money. All who know me know that when I become obsessed with something, I become relentless. This situation was no different. I was on a mission. I simply had to invent a very powerful Cooling System for my treasured Harley! I need to be able to ride with maximum comfort, whenever I want, even on hot days!

Our lead engineer who has a PHD in mechanical engineering, headed up the project. My “mission” took over three years to complete. Far longer, and way over the budget that I had estimated. Sure we made progress along the way but, it wasn’t as simple a task as I first believed it would be. There was just so much heat to deal with, and not a lot of room to mount a powerful cooling system. And just as important, the cooling system had to be very attractive and look like it was an original part of the bike. Sixteen prototypes later, we were confident that “Hammerhead Engineering” had finally solved the Harley overheating problem.