Seeing is believing! The videos below provide visual proof that the Love Jugs system is the most powerful and effective solution to your overheating issues with your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Check them out for yourself…

LOVE JUGS Installation

LOVE-JUGS Installation by GOMOtorcycling

Cooling Test

The Love Jugs reduced the temperature on this Harley-Davidson motorcycle by 109.5º on a 90 degree day! Watch how quickly the heat returns once the system is turned off! You’ll be amazed!

Who doesn't Love Jugs

Seeing is believing! This Harley-Davidson motorcycle idled for 12 hours in Florida’s brutal 97 degree heat!

Water Test

The Love Jugs forced air blower system for Harley-Davidson motorcycles has been designed for use in harsh, outdoors environments. You know, like on your Harley riding down the road!

Velocity Test

The Love Jugs forced air blower system for Harley-Davidson motorcycles moves more air faster over the engine fins of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle engine. Far more…. Check out this bench test comparison between different manufacturers products.

It's as easy as child's play to see the difference.

Seeing is believing! When you are trying to cool an engine by passing air flow over the cylinders, do you think more air is better than less air for cooling those cylinders? If “more” seems “better” check out this video that demonstrates why the Love Jugs are the superior solution for cooling your Harley-Davidson Engine!

Having fun showing off the fun side our engineering minds at Daytona Bike week.

The spinning Heritage Springer’s front wheel clears the bottom Ultra Classic’s windshield by a precisely set 1/8 of an inch. Who wants a free ride on the Springer?

Cool-Master By Love Jugs - Fix My Hog

Bob LaRosa provides a video review of the Cool-Master by Love Jugs. Meet the COOL-MASTER, model. This new addition to the LOVE JUGS line gives the rider another choice in style and power that takes controlling the excessive heat produced by your Harley to an all new level. The COOL-MASTER is the newest model from Hammerhead Engineering, LLC, which already produces the World\’s Most Powerful Cooling System for Harley-Davidson motorcycle engines – the ORIGINAL LOVE JUGS, Slots and Bullets styles.

Love Jugs Talks with Two Wheel Thunder TV @ V-Twin Show 2015

As we all know, there is quite a variety of Harley Engine Cooling systems on the market. Almost all of them are claiming that their product is the best, however, they all can’t be the best,. that is simply not possible. There can only be one Harley Engine Cooling System that can lay claim to being the best V-Twin Cooling System in the world. $25,000 Challenge.

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