All certified V-Twin dealerships are automatically approved to carry Hammerhead Engineering products.

Parts Department

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Coming Soon, a very attractive and fully functioning counter top display that your customers can turn on to see the amazing performance of Hammerhead Engineering’s “LOVE JUGS ENGINE COOLING SYSTEM” Your customers can turn them on to see the amazing performance of “LOVE JUGS” As soon as the demonstration has been witnessed, a sale will quickly follow. It’s that dramatic! Make sure you have plenty of them in stock!

Service Department

In addition to the profit you make on every cooling system sold, you can offer installation of the “LOVE JUGS” through your service department and increase your profits even more. The upside is creating an excited and a very happy customer that is sure to bring you tons more sales once their friends see them.

hammerhead engneering

hammerhead engneering


Sales Department

Try it, you might be very surprised. In fact, once you see the effect that the “LOVE JUGS ENGINE COOLING SYSTEM” have on your new motorcycle sales, you just might install them on a majority of the new motorcycles on your show room floor. Just try it on a small scale and see what happens!

We’re confident a smile on your face will be automatic once you see the reaction from your potential customers, and an even bigger smile when they buy your “LOVE JUGS” equipped Harley-Davidson and Indian motorcycles. You will make more profit on this bike than you would have without installing the “LOVE JUGS”.