“I’ve watched love Jugs grow into a monster. They now have systems for Indians. I’m building what could be the first it ream lined trike for Bonneville, the Salt Torpedo by Bikernet.com’s racing team, 5-Ball Racing. It’s a Belly Tank configuration housing a 135-inch JIMS Twin Cam engine. Since it will be completely enclosed with limited ventilation, over-heating will be a major consideration. We anticipate using two Love Jug systems to keep the monster JIMS engine happy during runs on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The over-heating issue was a major consideration until I started riding with the Love Jugs product. I’m confident Love Jugs will do the trick and we can focus on breaking more records.”

A Little Information About our Endorser

5-Ball Racing Garage provides Riding Gear for cruiser, chopper and bobber riders. Keith “Bandit” Ball, Bikernet.com President, and Bob Kay, Biker Pros Partner, designed a line of Genuine Riding Apparel™ for motorcycle riders.


In the near future we will publish tech features on Love Jugs installations and testing during overall Salt Torpedo trials. This is going to be quite an adventure. - Keith R. Ball 5-Ball Racing Team Mechanic and Tool Washer Bikernet.com