ENDORSEMENT STATEMENT by Sword & Shield Magazine

“I came across an invention that sounded too good to be true, but after receiving my unit and installing it on my custom 2004 Ultra, I have joined the crowd and I’m endorsing this product. I truly believe it’s the best cooling system I have found on the planet.”

Randy Gracy - Editor, Sword & Shield Magazine - Blue Knights

A Little Information About our Endorser

The Blue Knights® News was the official publication of the Blue Knights®. It was published on a quarterly basis in a periodical format. The purpose of the magazine is to provide a means of communication within the Club outside of the Internet service we provide. Since the foundation of the Club is a social one, the foundation of the News is social as well. It is a means for Chapters, Conferences, and individual members to send out information on what is happening in their regions of the world.

At first it was just a single typed sheet, sent out by the office secretary and the President. It expanded to a newspaper style publication and was officially given the name: Sword & Shield. This had been suggested by Tiny Scales of FL I (Gainesville). After a couple of years it stopped all together and was revived by the Board in 1981. Mike Fletcher (International Director at the time) would type up an info sheet after each International Board meeting and send it out to all the chapters. Read the whole story on their web site…