ENDORSEMENT STATEMENT by Paisano Publications

“The Love Jugs active cooling system really works. Installing it on our’14 Road King turned the Los Angeles to Las Vegas ride into an adventure instead of torture by radiated heat.” Wendell Christopher ROAD IRON Magazine

“ Are you sick and tired of having your Big Twin engine overheat and melt your thighs? Love-Jugs by Hammerhead Engineering have found a simple cure for your Harley meltdowns! The Cool-Master model is our favorite here at Easyriders because it makes your bike look like it is wearing a nice chrome bra. Love Jugs install in just minutes and will keep you and your engine cool on the hottest days. Just think, no more sweaty nads!”

Dave Nichols

Editorial Director

Easy Rider Magazine and Paisano Publications

A Little Information About our Endorser

About Paisano Publications
Established in 1970, Paisano Publications, LLC is known worldwide as a diversified media company providing a variety of motorcycle and tattoo lifestyle content.

The Company has grown, extending its market share, by embracing reader involvement, publishing over a dozen magazine titles, as well as launching specialty events, entertainment, and digital departments. To read more, visit their web site at ‘paisanopub.com/roadiron.’

Paisano Publications include Easyriders - Road Iron - V-Twin - Wrench - In The Wind - Tattoo - Ink Fashion - Flash - Savage - RebelRodz