“I found the Love-Jugs a very vital part of my motorcycle. With a cooler motor it will last longer and I am all about helping my motor to live longer. For the Harley-Davidson this product will help your motors during parades, sitting in traffic or idling during your traffic stops, if you have to charge your computers. The Love-Jugs will help keep your clutch cooler during slow speed maneuvering and training. This needs to be on all police motorcycles.” - Steven Tritt, Police Motor Units www.policemotorunits.com

A Little Information About our Endorser

The PMU site is dedicated to the special men and women of Law Enforcement that live to ride, and ride to keep us safe. The site is designed for the educational and historical preservation of Motor Law Enforcement, Motorcycle Safety and Awareness, and to help continued training for the active Motor Officer.

You will find on the site the histories and pictures of Police Motorcycles and learn about the proud agencies that use them. The Agency histories are provided by the agency for historical accuracy. The information is provided by the motorcycle manufacturers, museums and historians. If you click on the Patches of a agency you will be linked to their web sites. if you click on the pictures on the links page you will be linked to our friends and motorcycle companies .

I would also like to say a very special Thank You to all the Officers, Law Enforcement Agencies, to the Harley Davidson Team (Police Fleet/Archives Department), Jim Polan for his great training articles, Indian Motorcycle Company, Mike Shultz with Victory Police Motorcycles, Ed Youngblood "Motohistory", Gary Smith "Big City Motor Cop", Robert Genat, Tom Fritz, David Uhl, Matt with Wheels Through Time Museum, Motorola Heritage Services & Archives and all the Law Enforcement Organizations for all of the pictures, information, and cooperation they have provided. Without their help this site would not have been possible.