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LOVE JUGS SOFTAIL in Gunmetal Finish
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LOVE JUGS SOFTAIL in stainless steel polished to a chrome look finish


LOVE JUGS cooling system fully meets or exceeds all our claims – GUARANTEED

Quick ’n easy installation.

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High Strength Aluminum

These are the newest models for the Milwaukee 8 Softails and the 2018 Heritage Classic. These Love Jugs warriors are designed to attack the excessive heat and oil temperatures of your engine. This model will work hard to cool Harley’s engines every day, to the delight and amazement of their owners.

Many documented tests prove over a 100 degree reduction in engine temperatures, and over a 50 degree reduction in oil temperature. To see the AMZOIL testing results, click on the “BREAKING NEWS” banner on our home page.

HUGE BONUS: All Love Jugs models are also the best oil cooler that money can buy. No oil cooler can match the oil cooling ability of any of our Love Jugs line. Oil Coolers will not reduce your engine temperatures when in parades, heavy traffic, or long stop lights. Even the very expensive dual fan assisted oil coolers can’t match the oil cooling ability of Love Jugs.

IF YOU HAVE A Softail or Heritage Classic with the engine coil on the left side, INSTEAD of the horn, this is the model you need.

Since the new Milwaukee 8 Engines do not have the same engines shake as before, no other mounting hardware is needed.

Everything required for an easy installation is included in the box

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Weight 2.8 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 6 × 5 in