ENDORSEMENT STATEMENT by Roadrunner Magazine

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RoadRUNNER magazine is dedicated to serving active motorcycle enthusiasts by providing them with a comprehensive resource of national and international tours, exciting and picturesque new places to ride, and valuable information on new motorcycles and products that enhance their riding experience

What you can find in each issue of RoadRUNNER:

  • Travel Stories – Coverage of the United States, Canada, and international destinations.
  • Tankbag Maps – Our signature tear-out card-stock maps are noted as a significant reason why subscribers choose RoadRUNNER.
  • Motorcycle and Products Reviews – Full dressers to dual sports, hottest on-the-road reviews of new motorcycles,
  • equipment, gear, and apparel fit for today’s active and enthusiastic rider.
  • Shamrock Tours® – Tours with 4 loops out of the same home base to make traveling more enjoyable. Unique to
  • RoadRUNNER and valuable to readers.
  • Special Interest Sections – Devoted to Vintage and Scooter enthusiasts.
  • Industry News & Updates – Providing industry awareness.
  • World-Class Photography – Capturing and delivering the beauty and excitement of the road, the ride, and the destination