ENDORSEMENT STATEMENT by Southeastern Rider Magazine

“I’m sold on LOVE JUGGS COOLING SYSTEM. I was apprehensive about installing them on my bike but after the install I was very pleasantly surprised by the overall quality of the parts and what the look of the fans actually added to my bike. I was unsure as to the effectiveness of the system but after 10,000 miles, 2,000 of which were riding to Key West and back in mid July I am an ABSOLUTE believer in the effectiveness of this system. I did not know how much difference these fans could make in cooling myself and my lady down on long hot rides but after many, many hours riding June, July and August with my lady all over the East Coast I was very surprised as to the difference in temps and comfort. I would highly recommend this system to ANYONE looking to cool their ride down. IT WORKS.” Gary “Tater” Toland

A Little Information About our Endorser

Southeast Rider is a regional electronic magazine that covers the Southeastern United States. They cover a 9+ state area in our coverage with over 600,000 in their email outreach! Southeast Rider published the first Love Jugs Tribute Issue devoting their entire magazine to cover all the aspects of Love Jugs products. This innovative publication will give their readers an opportunity to understand the benefits, features, history, and industry support for Love Jugs.

Here is the link to all past issues including the LJ Tribute. PLEASE ENJOY BY CLICKING ON www.southeasternrider.com

Eric Wieberg, the publisher, has been leading group tours in the southeastern United States for the past 10 years. Eric invites you to come join him on a tour to some of the best riding locations in the US. Eric can be contacted at eric@southeasternrider.com.