Love Jugs Superior Cooling – HEAVY DUTY
Tame the Heat By The Mag Man Randy Gracy – Sword & Shield 2017
Dozens of stories about LJs have appeared in magazines & electronic media with nothing but high praise. Many media outlets have done unusual things to let their viewers know what an important product Love Jugs is for their motorcycles.
The media has taken some never before done actions to help get the word out. Along with a growing number of motorcycle notables, at least 10 magazines have put their own reputations on the line to ENDORSE Love Jugs. An endorsement is the highest form of recommendation. Today, Southeast Rider is taking another creative giant step forward with this Tribute Issue. To verify the integrity of this and the other media activities, including the endorsements, no payment of any kind occurs. The outreach is pure and simple a heads up for their readers. You can read what the independent motorcycle media has to say by clicking here. We’ve also included a couple of samples on the next few pages:
Click here to READ ALL ABOUT IT. This link will take you to “What the experts are saying”

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