“I endorse Love Jugs because I know of no single product that adds more value to a Harley Davidson motorcycle than the Love Jugs dual fan cooling system. They reduce felt heat, enhance performance and extend engine life. Cool engines run stronger and last longer and nothing cools Harley trikes like Love Jugs fans. - Randy “Zook" Johnston, Publisher, TrikeTalk.com

A Little Information About our Endorser

Trike Talk offers a great deal of information on all types of motorcycles. They have News, Forums, Activity information as well as product revies...

Trike Talk Forum And News is the leading voice in the Trike world. Randy “Zook” Johnston is active in many aspects of the motorcycle world. Best known by his nickname, Zook, Randy’s love child is the highly respected Trike Talk Forum. Anyone who owns a trike or is interested in this aspect of cycling stays tuned to the ongoing discussion and advice that unfolds minute-by-minute on his popular forum.”